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One of our main functions is a regular meet-up, where members can talk to others with similar experience in a friendly setting. We exchange information about the treatment and management of CFS/ME and give each other help and support.

We respect the limitations that may come with ME, such as sensitivity to noise or multiple conversations, and try to give people the space and understanding they need. Members keep away when they might have coughs and colds or other infections. You can contribute as little or as much as you wish to the chat. The main benefits are meeting other people with the same condition, not having to explain yourself to others who don't understand, learning more about how other people cope with ME and being able to talk about your own problems if you wish. We try to make our meetings friendly and cheerful, to be positive and discuss problems without being gloomy or moaning.

Meet-ups in Bedford and Luton

Usually, our meet-ups are held in local pubs, with general chat/discussion mainly about M.E.-related matters. Many members are unable to come to meetings for various reasons, so average attendance is only about six.

Meet-ups are held in Bedford and Luton and the surrounding area.   Members may come and go as they please at any time during the period of the meet-up.

Please phone or email for the latest meeting venue and directions how to get there (see Contacts below).

Meet-up dates

Meet-ups will be held every six weeks in 2020, alternately in Bedford and Luton. We now meet in pubs starting at 2pm, with the option of having lunch first from 12:30.

For more information please email
or phone the number in the contact information.


ME Support Group meet-up dates 2020
Thursday 6 February, Bedford
Wednesday 18 March, Luton
Thursday 30 April, Bedford
Wednesday 10 June, Luton
Thursday 23 July, Bedford
Wednesday 2 September, Luton
Thursday 15 October, Bedford
Wednesday, 25 November, Luton

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To find out more, please telephone the helpline or send an email.

Telephone Helpline: 01525 750078
All calls left on the anwerphone will be returned


Related Organisations

Bedfordshire M.E. Support Group is affiliated to the National organisation:
Action for M.E.
We also have contacts with other support groups in the surrounding areas.
We exchange Newsletters with them and attend each other's functions.
North Herts ME Support Group
Milton Keynes ME Group

Useful Links

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Association of Young People with M.E. (AYME)

The Tymes Trust (also for young people)

Bedbound/Housebound/Severe ME

General information about M.E.

General information about M.E. Axford's Abode

The CFIDS Association of America, publisher of the CFIDS Chronicle, the most authoritative CFS/ME journal, with a searchable archive


Self-help (online course)

M.E. Tips (practical hints and tips)

Report of the CFS/ME Working to the Chief Medical Officer UK Chief Medical Officer's report

Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

An M.E. website run by one of our members


Telephone: John Chisholm 01525 750078